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Debut Novel: The Wayfarer

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

I began the Wayfarer when I was eighteen. I had no knowledge of storytelling, or character development, or world building. I had a love of Elves and Dragons, and a self-surety that if other folk have been writing books for millennia, then so could I.

I wrote the first draft in three years, and I’ve still the first printed copy gathering dust and nostalgia on my shelf. It had the bones of a story, but they were the bones of a dozen different beasts, discordant and disorganized. I set the book aside, leaned into my arrogance (which is staggering), and set to learning the craft of writing a novel in earnest.

Over four more years I devoured books, articles, videos, documentaries, lectures, conversation—anything that promised to help unravel the tangled threads of storytelling. I took what I learned, and with care, took apart my first draft, stitching it back together with new, deliberate direction. With the help of fellow resonators, and an excellent editor, I'm delighted to present my debut novel:

If you've enjoyed my book, join the Waypoint to hear whispers of my works in progress. If you’re interested in hearing what I have to say on writing, storytelling, or my general philosophical musings, head here. I recommend beginning with my opinion piece: "Myth & Fantasy: The Human Narrative".

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