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Zachary M. Kekac
Author & Athlete

Fantasy Novels set in a Soft-Post-Apocalyptic world and Professional Athletic Training for Parkour in natural environments.

Novels & Musings


Writing is my way of making my mind manifest. My attempt to serve as a creator instead of settling into passivity as a consumer. My effort to share in the most primeval skill of humanity past, present, and posterity: telling a story and telling it well.

My writing primarily takes shape in the form of Novels, though I occasionally put thought to word in smaller ways, what I refer to as my Musings.

Click the button below to find my current Novel releases, as well as the collection of my shorter thought pieces.

Natural Parkour


Learn to read the story of the natural world as it unfolds before you. Move through that story not as separate from, but as intrinsic to. Assess risk, decipher a path, react to the land, and predict how it will shift as you move through it.


Parkour practiced in Nature is my primary specialization. My Private Lesson's focus on refining the way we move within the Natural World—specifically as Parkour relates to the varying environments and landscapes of the East Coast.

Click below for more information and a layout of Lesson offerings.

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