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The Hobbit

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

The novel that gifted awareness of the greatest mythmaker, storyteller, and writer of literary fantasy to have yet walked the same green earth as the rest of us. The classic adventure of a classic hero, however unlikely it was that he’d have that title given him.

The Hobbit is among my favorites of Tolkien’s published works, the other being The Children of Húrin. Where I adore the latter for its emphasis on tragedy, on beauty in sorrow, I adore the former for very much the opposite.

Bilbo’s adventure holds an air of traditional fairytales, where there is a sadness to be sure, warnings riddled throughout. But it is ever limned by a golden lightness, a levity, a humor and silliness and good cheer that is attributed to the way of Hobbit life.

It demands a smile, a grin, a warmth and a want towards grand adventure of one’s own. A desire to be led astray from the mundane by a mysterious and wizened wizard. To find ways to outsmart and outmaneuver the ancient folk of the forests, the devious lurkers in the dark slivers of the world. To speak face to face with a wyrm out of legend, and leave not only with your life, but with riches secretly slipped from the horde of the overbold serpent.

The Hobbit is a classic through and through. Its legacy and the legacy of the man whose mind made it manifest is all the accreditation it requires.

Read this story, or re-read it if its been a while. Re-read it even if it hasn’t. There’s nothing quite like it in the wide world

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