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My Way

Updated: May 20, 2022

My name is Zachary M. Kekac (Zach is fine. The whole First. Middle. Last thing is a little much. But I’m a writer, so, you know, pretentious) and there are four passions that define what exactly Zach is.

Parkour. Your body is the tool you use to navigate the world, Parkour is the knowledge of how to use it. I’ve been doing it both recreationally and professionally for nearly a decade. As an athlete, an instructor, a program director, and most recently a business partner.

Adventure. Whether it’s roving twenty miles into northern Iceland in search of a literal mountain of obsidian; stopping to rest with fellow travelers beneath the largest Sequoia groves in North America; or stumbling on and subsequently spending the night eating, singing, and celebrating with a midwestern traditionalist religious sect; adventure is in my blood, my bone, my way of life.

Psychology. I work in the Psychiatric field. My father raised me on the philosophy of people, and I’ve been drawn to the pursuit of understanding the nature of us since he first said, “Kid, there’s more to a man than he shows you, but you can see it if you look hard.”

Writing. This weaves everything else that I do, everything that I am, into a neat knot. It’s the tool that allows me to study the world around me, and make a new world from it. It’s my way of making my mind manifest. It’s my attempt at creating instead of consuming. My effort to share in the most universal similarity of humanity past, present, and posterity: telling a story and telling it well.

Aside from those four primary pillars of my life, I also forage, hunt, throw knives, shoot bow and arrow (ever play arrow catch?), and tend to be a troublemaker. Innocent trouble, I promise. Baldr will be fine!

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